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We are committed to making the Internet a safe and reliable place for people to do business and interact.

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Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP)

In January 2016, Verisign Labs launched an experimental implementation of the Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP), a protocol that was designed to address the deficiencies of WHOIS. RDAP provides an opportunity for the domain name ecosystem to enable Registration Data Directory Services (RDDS) without the need to replicate data and address local data privacy requirements. We wrote a white paper, Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP) Implementation Experiments at Verisign, which describes our implementation and concludes that the approach improves the quality and provenance of domain registration data while protecting personal privacy.

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Multi-vantage point Domain Name System (DNS) Diagnostics and Measurement

The ability to measure network and server behaviors from different network vantage points is important for understanding the general health of a network ecosystem. The measurement and diagnostic tool, DNSViz, is designed to measure Domain Name System (DNS) deployments from different vantage points, available via command line or Web browser. Watch this webinar to learn about DNSViz and how it might be used to educate and inform your DNS experience.

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Verisign Labs Publications

Verisign Labs Publications

Verisign Labs is committed to sharing our findings with the broader research community. Our repository makes available our researchers' publications, presentations, and industry standards contributions.

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Operational Update Regarding the KSK Rollover for Administrators of Recursive Name Servers

Currently scheduled for October 11, 2018, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) plans to change the cryptographic key that helps to secure the internet’s Domain Name System (DNS) by performing a Root Zone Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) key signing key (KSK) rollover.

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Verisign Labs Graduate Intern Program

Verisign labs graduate intern program

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