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How a DDoS Attack Happens

Although dedicated denial of service (DDoS) attacks have existed for years, these threats have evolved to become much more complex, yet easier to launch than ever before. For an unsuspecting enterprise, the consequences of a successful DDoS attack can be devastating, from millions of dollars in lost revenue to damage of a company’s once great brand.

What Happens During a DDoS Attack

Web Server
Website User
Website User

Your Website

Typical targets include Web Servers. DNS servers, application servers, routers, firewalls and Internet Bandwidth.

Normal Traffic

Users easily access your products and services.

Intent to Disrupt

A rogue attacker can target a web server with the intent to disrupt service.


This attacker uses multiple hosts (such as compromised PCs that are part of a “botnet”) to carry out and amplify the attack.

DDoS Attack

Attackers usually create the denial of service condition by either consuming server bandwidth or by impairing the server itself.

DDoS Attack

The attack involves saturating the target machine with requests, such that it cannot respond to legitimate traffic, or responds so slowly as to be rendered effectively unavailable.

Your Website
Normal Traffic
Intent to Disrupt
DDoS Attack
Website Unavailable

What You Need to Know

There are four things you need to know right now about DDoS attacks:

The number of threats continue to grow

The numbers of threats continue to grow. There are roughly 50 million attacks every year, which calculates to one to two attacks every second of every day.

Attacks are getting more complex

Attacks are getting more complex and strike many different parts of a company’s network, often simultaneously.

DDoS threats are more dangerous in scope and objective

DDoS threats are more dangerous in scope and objective. Two-thirds of attacks are one gigabit-per-second (Gbps) or greater, and criminals now use DDoS attacks as diversions to mask illegal activities such as fraud and theft.

Costs associated with DDoS attacks are soaring

Costs associated with DDoS attacks are soaring. The financial services industry, for example, lost an estimated $17M per DDoS attack in 2012.

How a DDoS Attack Impacts You

The impact of a DDoS attack to your business is costly and wide-ranging, and includes:

  • Recovery costs, such as detection and emergency mitigation
  • Indirect costs, such as lost productivity and brand reputation
  • Opportunity costs, such as customer churn and lost business opportunities

What You Need to Do

Despite these pernicious threats, many firms still fail to implement a proper protection strategy. Or continue to use an “on premise” approach that no longer works in today’s ever-changing cyber environment.

The best way to protect your critical network infrastructure is to see these threats before they affect your organization, or at least possess the ability to quickly respond to them.

With Verisign DDoS Protection Service, you’ll get the reliable and scalable protection you need to combat DDoS attacks of all types, sizes and complexity. And our in-the-cloud detection, mitigation and actor attribution solution is more cost effective than traditional approaches.

Why Verisign?

Verisign is uniquely different from other providers because of our:


Superior Attack Mitigation

Our unique mitigation platform, Athena, can provide the performance, resilience and functionality you need to mitigate high-volume and complex multi-vector DDoS attacks.


Proven Operational Expertise and 24/7 Support

Verisign has unmatched experience in protecting critical Internet infrastructure, having maintained 100 percent operational accuracy and stability of its DNS infrastructure for .com and .net for more than 21 years. And we’re always available in case your critical online systems and applications need swift and thorough mitigation.


Verisign OpenHybridTM: An Essential New Approach to DDoS Protection

The Verisign OpenHybridTM architecture enables seamless interoperability between on-premise devices, cloud platforms and Verisign’s cloud-based DDoS Protection Service.


Purpose Built, Highly Scaled Network

Purpose-built, globally distributed scrubbing centers scaled to handle the largest volumetric DDoS attacks.

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