Domain Names

Verisign as a Domain Registry

Powers the domain names that define the internet

Verisign is the authoritative registry of all .com, .net, .name, .cc, .tv, .edu, .gov and .jobs domain names, and offers domain registry services for a range of additional domain names, including Local Language Domain Names and new gTLDs.

The domains that defines the internet are powered by Verisign

The Industry’s Most Scalable, Reliable Resolution and Registration Systems

Every day, billions of consumers and businesses worldwide rely on Verisign for access to commerce and communications.

Trusted provider of internet infrastructure services for the networked world

  • We’ve maintained operational accuracy and stability of .com and .net top-level domain resolution services 100 percent of the time for more than 23 years, earning us the reputation of being one of the most reliable and trusted networks in the world.

Delivering unmatched performance in domain name system (DNS) services

  • We provide the routing support for approximately 163.7 million domain names ending with .com and .net, as well as other TLDs ending in .tv, .name, .cc, .edu, .gov and .jobs—processing more than 219 billion DNS queries a day.
  • More than half (56 percent) of the world's DNS hosts rely on the Verisign .net and .com infrastructure.
  • We manage relationships with approximately 2,500 ICANN-accredited registrars who submit more than 150 million domain name transactions daily.
  • We are committed to increasing capacity of the DNS to meet exponential growth due to the global spread of internet access and increasing threats from malicious users.
  • We continuously monitor DNS queries to identify growing and emerging markets that require expanded infrastructure services to enhance reliability and responsiveness.

Striving to enable the full potential of the internet

  • Our commitment to research and development of critical internet infrastructure will enable the internet to keep pace with the world’s increasing reliance on Web-based applications and internet-connected devices.
  • We have developed complementary services and tools to help registrars find and register more domain names that their customers value. Our global support team is available 24/7 to assist in 150 different languages.
  • We share our expertise in evolving trends by making data about the .com and .net zones publicly available, and contribute to policy development as an active member of the internet standards development community.
  • We are committed to helping companies and consumers expand their online presence and engage in communications and commerce on the internet.