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2016 Cyberthreats and Trends from Verisign iDefense® Security Intelligence Services



Each year, enterprises around the globe dedicate increasing levels of time, budget and labor in identifying, preventing and mitigating online threats. The cat-and-mouse game of cybersecurity means that new trends emerge almost daily, requiring at-risk organizations in all industries to stay ahead of these new and evolving risks to revenue and reputation.

Throughout 2015, Verisign iDefense Security Intelligence Services observed the rise of ransomware-as-a-service, an increase in the operational security of hacktivist operations and notable trends in distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against a widening field of victims across all industries. Critical vulnerabilities in prominent software applications have increased in potential for exploitation and level of impact in 2015, likely setting the stage for a new wave of breaches to make headlines in 2016.

This report will provide an overview of the key cybersecurity trends Verisign noted in 2015, and those expected to proliferate in 2016. It features conclusions drawn from Verisign Security Services research and analysis covering cybercrime, hacktivism and vulnerabilities.

  • Types of technology that are vulnerable to attacks
  • Techniques used against healthcare, financial and retail industry
  • Types of actors and their motivation for launching an attack

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