Internet Resolution
Regional Internet Resolution Service (RIRS)

Connect Verisign’s mission-critical Domain Name System (DNS) services directly to your internet infrastructure

FAQ on RIRS Node Hosting

What are the benefits of hosting an RIRS node?

An RIRS node provides a single 1RU solution that contains two critical DNS components:

  • One of the 13 root DNS servers (
  • One of the 13 authoritative DNS servers for .com and .net (

This ensures that, during any external connectivity event (congestion, DDoS, circuit outage, for example), the hosting network’s connectivity to these critical DNS services remains uninterrupted. Additionally, users of the hosting network benefit from decreased DNS query latency.

What is an RIRS node?

An RIRS node is a server that fits into a standard rack unit of space. It uses BGP to advertise two IPv4 /24's and two IPv6 /48 prefixes:

  • and 2001:503:231d::/48 (
  • and 2001:503:c27::/48 (

This provides local users fast, unfettered access to two critical DNS services:

  • One of the 13 internet root DNS servers
  • One of the 13 authoritative DNS servers for .com and .net

Will I need to sign an agreement in order to host an RIRS node?

Yes, a hosting agreement and NDA is required. Multiple execution options are available, depending on your country.

Does Verisign charge in order to host an RIRS node?

No, Verisign currently provides RIRS nodes free of charge, subject to the hosting network meeting our technical and contractual requirements.

I'd like to host an RIRS node and connect it to an Internet Exchange Point (IXP). Is this possible?

Yes! Simply select the 'IXP' option when providing technical information in Verisign's RIRS provisioning system.

I have an operational issue and need to temporarily disable my RIRS node. May I?

Yes. We ask that you notify prior to doing so, but understand that this may not always be possible.

In that case, we ask that you notify us as soon as possible after you've disabled the node.

What data does Verisign collect from my RIRS node?

Verisign collects metrics about DNS performance from each node, to ensure that it is functioning properly, and to optimize the experience for users of the node in question.

I'd like to decommission my RIRS node. How can I do this?

Please email for assistance with decommissioning your RIRS node.