Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) Conversion Tool

When working with an IDN, you need to convert the domain name into an ASCII-Compatible Encoding (ACE) form before entering it into the DNS server. With this IDN Conversion Tool, you can see how your domain name will visually convert from Unicode characters to the equivalent ACE form (and vice versa).

To convert one or more domain names:

  1. Type the domain name(s) (one per line) that you would like to convert in the field below.
  2. Click on "Convert" and the results will show the ASCII and Unicode versions of the input string (NOTE: The input string is indicated by bold font).


Frequently Asked Questions

What are Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs)?

Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) are domain names which use a wide range of Unicode characters used in different languages. An example of an IDN is: 스타벅스코리아.com or its ACE form:

Please note, the ACE form or A-Label is not meant for the end user to see, but for the DNS servers and other IDN-ready applications.

Why are IDNs needed?

IDNs enable more web users to navigate the internet in their preferred script and more companies to maintain localization of their brand name in multiple scripts. Most domain names are registered in ASCII characters (A to Z, 0 to 9, and the hyphen "-"). However, languages that require diacritics such as Spanish and French, and those that use non-Latin scripts such as Japanese and Arabic, cannot be rendered in ASCII. As a result, millions of internet users struggle to find their way online using non-native scripts and languages. IDNs improve the accessibility and functionality of the internet by enabling domain names in a wide variety of scripts from around the world.

What is Unicode?

Unicode is a sequence of characters encoded using some native format. Usually the operating system or browser will display this data using an appropriate or familiar font.

What is Punycode?

Punycode is an algorithm used to transform a Unicode string or U-Label into an ASCII-Compatible Encoding string or A-Label. Punycode transforms a Unicode sequence into a string of ASCII characters which can be used in a hostname label. Only letters, digits, and hyphens are allowed. An A-label will always start with the prefix "XN--" to signal the encoding scheme.

How do I register an IDN?

If you own a website or provide other internet-based services and would like to use IDNs to help your customers, you may register your preferred IDN, to the extent available, through participating ICANN-accredited and Verisign-certified registrars. A registrant may only register an IDN from a registrar that supports and has been certified to register IDNs.

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