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Verisign ensures the security, stability and resiliency of key Internet infrastructure, including .com and .net top-level domains, and provides protection for websites and enterprises around the world.

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Why a .com Domain Name?

Why not a .com domain name? Especially now, when you’re inundated with so many top level domain (TLD) options and unsure of which one you can rely on.

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Keyword-Rich .com Domain Names

Here is a list of our top 10 favorite .com domain names that were recently available containing popular keywords.

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DDoS Trends Infographic

In Q4 2016, Verisign observed an average peak attack size of 11.2 Gbps, a 63% increase year over year.

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The Top 8 Ways to Discover Your Perfect .com

When choosing a domain name, consider a .com for that can offer credibility and instant recognition.

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New .com and .net total registrations during the fourth quarter of 2016

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87% of attacks peaked at more than 1 Gbps

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Enterprise Solutions
Enterprise Solutions

Learn more about how Verisign’s DDoS Protection, DNS Firewall and hosted DNS services can help secure your network and protect the availability of your online applications & networks.


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Top-Level Domains

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