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How to Use Your .name

.name gives you flexibility and control of your online identity. You can get your .name three different ways, giving you flexibility and control of your online presence:

  • Second-Level Domain Names let you get a personal, custom web address such as ‘smith.name’, ‘sheriden.name’, ‘SaraSmithHansen.name’, or ‘BubbaBuzz.name’
  • Third-Level Domain Names allow you to register a full name with a web address such as ‘john.smith.name’ Email Forwarding lets you forward a free account such as ‘jsmith@gmail.com’ to a more personal address such as ‘john@smith.name’
  • International Domain Names let you get your domain in the language you want so if you speak Japanese, Korean or Arabic or have special characters in your name, you can have your .name too.

    For instance:

Focus on Family

Whether you are the shutter nutter among your relatives or a full-time family historian, see how a .name can help you share your ancestry

Social Life Central

You can make social networking easier with a .name domain. It gives you a place to call your own while controlling your online profiles.