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Become a Domain Name Registrar

When you become a registrar, you establish a steady, renewable revenue stream for your business and provide your customers with a more complete Web services package. To register domain names in these TLDs, you must become a domain name registrar with Verisign.


Different TLDs have different requirements and processes. Most businesses start with .com and .net certification, and then add more TLDs.

Different TLDs supported by Verisign have different requirements and processes. Most businesses start with .com and .net certification, and then add more TLDs.

.com, .net, .name, .tv, .cc
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Become a Registrar

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ICANN Accreditation

Required (.com, .net, .name)
 None (.tv, .cc) Required (2013 RAA) Required (2013 RAA)

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is the international governing body that has responsibility managing the Domain Name System (DNS), controlling the root domain and assigning control of each general TLD (gTLD) to a domain name registry. ICANN maintains registry agreements with Verisign for the operation of .com, .net and .name (ICANN Archived Registry Agreements). Businesses must be accredited by ICANN before beginning the certification process with Verisign. Verisign has no control over how long the ICANN accreditation process may take. ccTLDs such as .tv and .cc do not require ICANN accreditation.


Required Conditional Conditional

Before establishing an account, Verisign requires each business to be authenticated. Authentication means providing proof of your business and your authority to represent and act on behalf of your company. When Verisign receives notification from ICANN that your business has been accredited, we will ask ACP, a Verisign vendor, to contact you and request documents for authentication. For .tv and .cc, ACP authentication is triggered when you submit your account information. If you have been authenticated by Verisign for a TLD before, you may not need authentication to add another TLD.

Establish an Account (legal agreements and data forms)

Required Required Required

Each TLD has its own set of required documents including Registry-Registrar agreements and a Registrar Data Information Form. Complete the required forms and return them to Verisign. When approved, Verisign will send you a username and password.

Financial Requirements (credit account and payment security)

Required Required Required

Registrars pay a set fee to Verisign for each domain name registered. Verisign requires registrars to complete a credit application and establish a payment security based on expected monthly registrations. Existing registrars may use their existing payment security to support additional TLD transactions. If you expect a considerable increase in your monthly transaction volume, you should re-evaluate the amount of your payment security and adjust it accordingly.

Technical Readiness (EPP integration and testing)

Required Conditional Conditional

Registrars must demonstrate full and correct operation of client systems within the Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) environment before connecting to the Shared Registration System (SRS). Registrar software and system requirements depend on each company's expertise, business model and registration volume. Verisign offers Software Development Kits (SDKs) and implementation guides to assist registrars. Our global support desk is available 24/7 with assistance in 150 different languages.

Internationalized Domain Names

Optional Optional Conditional

Enable internet users to navigate and communicate online in their preferred script or language, transforming the internet into a truly global and multilingual tool. By adding IDNs to your .com, .net, .tv, .name and .cc domain name options, registrars have the opportunity to expand services and potentially increase revenues.

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Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs)

Enable customers to reach target audiences in their native scripts and languages.

Become an IDN Registrar

How Domain Name Registration Works

Domain names are registered for a period of 1 to 10 years by an individual or an organization. A user contacts a registrar or reseller to register a domain name. The registrar verifies that the domain name is available by checking with the registry that manages the corresponding TLD. If it is available, the registrar registers the domain name with the registry, which adds it to the registry database. At the end of the registration period, the domain name registrant has the option to renew the domain name or let it expire.

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Unmatched Reliability and Scale

Verisign makes it easy for companies to register domain names for their clients. The Verisign DNS has maintained operational accuracy and stability 100% of the time for more than 15 years. As the authoritative directory provider for .com, .net, .name, .tv and .cc, Verisign’s network routes more than 100 million domain names and billions of queries daily without fail. Billions of consumers and businesses worldwide rely on Verisign for commerce and communications and Verisign has committed to continually invest, improve and expand the internet infrastructure to meet the growing demand.