Common Concerns about Getting Online  

Common Concerns about Getting Online  

As a small business owner or one just starting out, adding one more item to your to-do list might seem overwhelming. Yet most understand that the time has come to get online and that it’s the right thing to do for a successful, modern business. Like most things, taking the process one step at a time will make it more manageable.

Let’s address some of the main concerns that small business owners have about establishing an online presence:

Small business owner deciding why to get her business online

“I don’t have time”

The majority of small businesses in the U.S. are operated by one person or fewer than four employees. These lean numbers put a lot of pressure on business owners to prioritize just how and where they spend their time. Being so busy, it’s tempting to delay a project that doesn’t seem as urgent as day-to-day business.

However, building a business website or online presence can take as little as an hour. There are several online resources that make selecting and purchasing a domain name, setting up a website, and choosing a hosting partner quick and easy.

Construction worker on job site

“My products and services are not available for purchase online.”

Several surveys and our most recent Verisign small business survey found that an overwhelming majority of consumers search for local products and services online. Consumers also reported feeling more confident and comfortable with businesses that have a professional online presence with a website and branded email. Many people today choose to communicate through email, texting, or instant messaging.

So getting your business online is taking action that will benefit you, help your customers, and set your business up for the future.

Non-technical business owner getting online

“I’m not technical”

Like the time issue, the technical requirements to use a domain name for branding your email, redirecting your social media page, or creating a business website are probably far less than you imagine. There are many registrar (companies who register your domain name) and website hosting companies that have designed sites that make the process simple, quick, and inexpensive. You don’t need to know any computer programming or be a “techie” to have a website.

Business owner happy to get her company only

“I’m doing fine not being online”

If you have a successful local business and you are not online today, you might resist the pressure to get online by thinking, “I’m fine without it.” But what you may not be aware of is all the business you are missing or all the conveniences you could be offering your customers. You need to make sure your business is ready to interact with your customers the way they want and in their natural stream of gathering information.

People find local businesses using the Internet. Consider that 91% of consumers use the internet to research products and services in their local area1. They use search engines like Google and Bing, read review websites like Yelp or Angie’s List, or ask for recommendations via their social networks.

So getting your business online is taking action that will benefit you, help your customers, and set your business up for the future.

1 Verisign. 5 Reasons Every Small Business Needs a Website.