The Small Business Website Guide

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Take Your Business Online

Getting online should be one of your highest priorities. If you don't know whether being online will help your business, or don't know where to begin, start here.

Plan Your Online Presence

You can’t start before you have a plan. Discover everything you need when considering your online presence.

Improve and Grow Your Website

Find help and advice for creating compelling content for your site and improving its design and usability.

Promote Your Business Online

Discover how to attract more visitors to your site and turn those views into more business.

Build Customer Loyalty

Make sure that your site stays interesting and valuable for your customers to keep them coming back.

Promote Your Business Online

Learn about the latest methods and platforms you can use for greater connection with your audience.

Increase your email list with an email marketing campaign

How can you gain more email contacts, more website visits and repeated visitors at once? One of the key elements to grow your business is email marketing.

Increase your online visibility using local business directories

One of the most common objectives for many businesses is to obtain a better local presence. There is no better time than now to both evaluate current marketing tactics and implement new ones to reach your new, local goals.

The next steps after getting online

A guide of marketing steps to take to build your brand involving online content, social media, email and search engines.

Top five tips for small business site analytics

Improving your website is much easier when you understand your users. Here are some top tips on using web analytics.

Video marketing tips: How to use video effectively

Film producer gives small business owner some useful hints and tips on using video for her website.

Get advice from your peers how to improve your website

This article will give advice on how to get the most from other businesses to improve your own website.

How to use WordPress for your small business

WordPress is a great way to create fantastic content, be it blogs, websites or other social collateral. Here are some great tips for getting started.

The importance of branding your small business online

Branding is crucial to the success of any business, particularly true in the online space, ensuring customers trust your business and know where to find it.

How to improve your rankings with SEO techniques

Search engines are used extensively to find businesses. Here are a few SEO tricks, including URLs and content, to help lift your website up the rankings.

A guide on persuasive writing for the Web

Learn about writing persuasively for the Web and getting visitors to purchase your products or service.

SEO marketing tips to drive new business

Entrepreneurs Ben and Catherine receive tips on SEO, web optimisation, using keywords and tagging images.

Understanding social media buzzwords

The world of social media is notorious for its ‘buzzwords’. Find out how to fight through the jargon and improve your business’ online presence.

What are backlinks and how you should use them on your website

Elly Gray from gives the lowdown on backlinks and how they can help your website.

How to make content and on page optimisation to improve your search rankings

Elly Gray from explains how to adapt your website to be found online, including how to use H1 tags and taglines.

Expert tips: How to find the right SEO keywords for your site

Elly Gray from, a London-based agency that advises SMBs on their websites, provides guidance on finding the right keywords for your site.

Expert tips: The advantages of guest blogging and crowdsourcing content

Integrated marketing expert Amy Manuel from Adaptation Project gives advice on how businesses can utilise guest blogging and crowd sourcing on their website.

Build your business with social marketing success

Social has become an essential aspect of every kind of businesses, and has to be considered at an early stage in the business strategy. Tim Fuell highlights the various facets of social by explaining that this topic is all about simplicity, offering, content, identity, awareness and linking.

Promote your business with a brand advocate

How to leverage your faithful customer base and make them valuable advocates for your brand.

Geolocation: Putting your business on the map

Geolocation might sound complicated but really it is a very simple concept – using the Internet to communicate with consumers physically near your business.

Tips to consider when launching a mobile website

People want to be able to access information and perform tasks almost anywhere at any time. Learn how to keep your business' channels trendy with a mobile website.

Tips for successful social media crisis management

Social media provides great opportunities to engage openly with your customers. Though, if you find yourself on the end of a controversial tweet or Facebook post, keep these tips in mind to help you emerge unscathed and with your reputation intact.

Using interactive advertising to boost customer interaction

Interaction between business and consumers is becoming the be-all and end-all of successful customer acquisition and retention. Learn various ways to set yourself apart from competitors.

How to drive more traffic to your website

No matter how competitive the industry you are in, providing a unique service or product will help you carve out a niche to separate you from the big players. Read this case study on how Dogwoof, global film distribution company, created a niche site when launching

How to use web optimisations to improve user experience

Get advice on how to use rotating banners and how to feature success stories and much more.

Tips on how to network online for your small business

Connecting with other professionals to promote your brand is vital but as a small business owner you may not have a lot of time to dedicate to attending events. Check out this list of online networking platforms that can help you interact with other professionals.

Small business success story of

View this case study on Dogwoof, a global film distribution company based in London, that turned a love of films into an event service by launching

Simple SEO tips for beginners

Get your website found online by understanding the main components involved when optimising your site for search engines.

Tips on marketing for small business websites

As a small business owner you may not have a huge marketing budget. Use these marketing tactics to reach new and existing customers.

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