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The Global Online Standard

Your .com is Waiting

As you look to grow your business online, look no further than .com. As the gold standard of the online marketplace, .com domain names are available in abundance and ready to help lead your business to success. Just look at the facts…

Even after decades of continuing growth, there are still millions upon millions of .com domain names available…

Available .com domain names

...including super-short domain names. Over 95% of .com five character combinations are available and over 99% of six character combinations are available.1

Millions of .com domains available

122 million previously registered .com domain names are once again available.2

Seven out of 10 .com availability checks are successful.3

Seven out of 10 .com availability checks are successful.3

.com domain name check

23 million times a day, a .com domain availability check is successful.3


Descriptive .com domain names

Many experts recommend descriptive names. In fact, nearly half of all .com domain names are made up exclusively of two or more frequently used English keywords.4

A descriptive name is a smart choice because Internet users tend to use search to find businesses online. Keyword-rich domain names attract higher click-through rates on search engine results pages. Use keywords that describe your specialty or location.

Keyword rich domain names

In the past year, 11.8 million new .com domain name registrations contained two or more English keywords.4


.com domain name registrations

13% of daily .com registrations are five to six characters long, and 73% of these daily registrations contain only letters – no numbers or hyphens.

1 Availability statistics are based on all possible five and six-character combinations of A-Z, 0-9 and a hyphen
2 On 7/30/14
3 2014 regular pool data
4 .com registrations June 2013 - June 2014

Data in this graphic as of July 2014

A great .com is out there!

No matter where you are in the process of building your business, the easiest step you can take toward success is securing one of the millions upon millions of available domain names. So whenever you’re ready, make your idea Internet Official and register a .com domain name.

Register a .com. Make it Internet Official.



Did you know .com is now in Japanese?

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