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Short .com names in ample supply

Great domain names available in .com? Absolutely, confirms a recent Verisign study

Millions of businesses like yours register available .com domains (or more than one) for their Web address every year, gaining the credibility and recognition that comes with a .com Web address. The good news is that millions upon millions more .com domain names are available to register. In fact, those who search for a .com name are told it’s available seven out of ten* times. The facts also show that numerous short, relevant names are available and registered every day in addition to popular descriptive names

7 out of 10 .com names are available

7 out of 10 times a registrant checks the availability of a desired domain, it's available to register

Short .com names in ample supply

Recent findings indicate that if you want a shorter domain name, you can get a .com without having to go to the secondary market or settle for an alternate domain extension. A study of .com registrations by Verisign in the first half of 2014 showed approximately 13% of daily registrations are short, five-to-six-character domain names. Even more interesting is that many of these short names had never been registered before.

13% of daily .com registrations are 5-6 characters

Approximately 13% of daily .com registrations are comprised of short, five-to-six character domain names**

While many businesses continue to purchase never-before-registered names, there is also an ample supply of previously registered short .com domains that are back on the market. A typical day in 2013 showed approximately 9 million previously registered .com domain names of five to seven characters in length were available for purchase.

9 million previously registered 5-7 character .com domains became available

In November 2013, 9 million previously registered .com domain names of five to seven characters in length were available for purchase.

Businesses trending towards compelling, descriptive names

Although some may equate a “better” domain name with a shorter length, that’s not necessarily true as many experts recommend descriptive names that are memorable. Even though business owners continue to find short .com names to register, we also continue to see businesses register longer, more descriptive .com domains. In fact, nearly half of all .com domain names are made up exclusively of English keywords, consisting solely of two or more frequently used words from the English language. With the preference of today’s Internet users to use search engines, businesses are registering descriptive domains that include their brand, their location or memorable phrases to help visitors find their website via Internet searches. Search engine optimization (SEO) experts differ on how much keyword-rich domains help with search rankings, but it has been shown that keyword-rich domains see higher click-through rates on search engine results pages.

Almost half of .com names are made of two or more frquently used keywords

Almost half of all .com names are made up of two or more frequently used keywords***

In the U.S., Delaware realtor Barbara Morales is a prime example of a small-business owner using descriptive, keyword-rich domains. By using several different domain names based on retirement and vacation search terms such as,, and, she has successfully expanded her business beyond traditional home buyers by helping her new customers find her online more easily.

As today’s business owners become more creative and strategic in their domain name registrations, they continue to rely on .com as the global standard for doing business online. Finding a great .com domain name – whether short or descriptive – for your business can be a critical step in establishing a compelling online presence.

*2014 .com regular pool data
** As of July 2014
***.com registrations June 2013 – June 2014