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How to Get Online

Why Get Online

Do you know that 91 percent of consumers look online for local goods and services?1

As a small business owner in today’s web-reliant world, creating an “online presence” is essential to the overall success of your company. And this holds true even if you are operating a brick and mortar business. Surprised? Recent studies show that online research is critical for driving traffic to physical stores – a predicted $1,409 trillion dollars in sales for 2014.2 And this figure doesn’t even include direct e-commerce sales!

Whether your company offers products and services in the traditional manner or not, one point stands evidently clear – not having an online presence can prove disadvantageous to a small business’ overall brand, reputation and revenue. In fact, a recent survey of small business owners who already own a website felt they had a competitive advantage over those without.3

There are five major benefits of establishing an online presence:

Small business owner concerning getting online

Increase in Sales

If your company has an e-commerce website, your business is essentially open 24 hours a day, allowing existing and prospective customers to shop and make purchases any time of day.

Strengthens Your Credibility

Recent surveys reveal that consumers and small business owners believe a website makes a company more credible. Additionally, online reviews on popular review sites and blogs lead to brand reinforcement, which promotes your firm as a trusted professional player.

More Marketing Opportunities

With the internet, you instantly widen your marketplace with an infinite number of consumers. And you’re able to do so in a more cost-effective manner than traditional means.

Instant Communication

You do not need to make phone calls, send out a formal letter or print a glossy brochure to update the world about your company’s latest product release. You can tell your audience about new offers and relevant company news immediately when you’re online.

Better Customer Service

Getting answers to questions and quick resolutions to issues are paramount to a client’s experience with a company. For example, consumers can easily access pertinent information about your business, retrieve answers from FAQs, or email/contact customer service at any time. Being online allows you to effectively keep in touch with existing customers, which leads to higher client retention.

And contrary to what you might think, creating an online presence is actually simpler than you may have thought. There are several different options that your company can utilise at any time, like branding your company email, redirecting to a social media page, or developing a website. Certainly, this flexibility is of great benefit since it allows you to build your business’ online presence at your own pace.

To get started building your online presence immediately, read our article Options to Creating an Online Presence.

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