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How to Bring Repeat Visitors Back to Your Website

India has more than 81 million1 Internet users today and is expected to have one of the world's largest Internet user base in the next three to four years2. So it’s wise for any business to capitalize on this growth now by registering its own domain name and building a website. While these are solid steps to taking your business online, there are more steps to take to make your website a success.

One of the measures of a successful website is the ability to bring repeat customers back to your site. One advantage is that a previous visitor is more likely to become a customer than a first time visitor. Another advantage is that it’s more cost-effective to convert a returning consumer than to get a new visitor to your site.

To help you entice visitors back to your business website, here are a few suggestions to take:

A .com Domain Name Helps Spell Success Online

A .com Domain Name Helps Spell Success Online

An important first step to doing business on the Internet is to select and register a domain name that helps boost your company’s visibility on the Web. A .com domain name provides instant recognition and credibility for your brand and is appropriate for businesses of all sizes. Best of all, it is one of the most widely used domain name extensions around the world.3

Keep Your Website Up-to-Date and Refresh the Content Often

Keeping the same information month-after-month will make your site appear stagnant so update your website regularly. By providing visitors with something new every time they visit, they will more likely stay interested and return.

To keep your website ‘fresh’, consider having a ‘What is New’ page for your repeat customers. Offer a tip of the day, the latest company news, or replace graphics from time to time.

Offer Additional Value on Your Website

Identify companies with quality websites that sell complimentary products to yours. And contact them to see if they would link to your website in exchange for you linking to theirs. For example, if you sell accessories on your website, you may want to set up a link exchange with another website that sells apparel or shoes.

Provide a ‘Bookmark’ or “Add to Favorites” Link

Use a ‘Bookmark’ or ‘Add to Favorites’ link on your home page to make it simple for visitors to return back to your site. Also consider using a ‘Recommend This Site’ link to allow visitors to easily email your link to their network of contacts.

Keep it Consistent

Using consistent colors, logos and slogans throughout your website helps visitors recognize that they are on your site. Additionally, you may want to consider creating a “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)” page to help answer potential customer’s questions. Providing good customer service can give a visitor reasons to return to your site.

A .com Domain Name Helps Spell Success Online

Keep in Touch by Operating an Opt-in Email Newsletter

Send visitors an e-newsletter promoting special discounts, updates on your company or about a new product line. Receiving regular communications instills trust and credibility, and may motivate visitors to come back to your site.

Create Discounts to Lure Visitors Back to Your Website

If you sell products on your site, look at giving away free samples or offer discounts on products. These attractive incentives may entice visitors to bookmark your site and return more often. If you sell products on your site, look at giving away free samples or offer discounts on products. These attractive incentives may entice visitors to bookmark your site and return more often.

You could also post surveys for visitors to take, and publish the results at various forums or post them to relevant news groups. This could generate buzz around your website which could bring visitors back to your site.

The key to bringing visitors back to your website is to offer them some ‘value’ that they can’t find anywhere else. By focusing on this aspect, you’ll have returning customers in no time!

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1, June 30, 2010
2 From a Times of India news report that quotes data from research firm Forrester, dated July 26, 2009. Available on the link -
3 During the fourth quarter of 2010, the overall base of .com and .net domain names grew to reach a combined total of 105.2 million names, according to the Verisign Domain Name Industry Brief (Volume 8, Issue 1, February 2011)