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Pusat Sumber Informasi

Establishing a Formal Cyber Intelligence Capability



Information today is plentiful and inexpensive, which makes determining what’s pertinent to an organization’s overall security extremely challenging, especially in today’s uncertain global environment. So many develop informal, ad-hoc intelligence capabilities to better understand security threats, but that method typically, and quickly, gets outgrown.

Eventually, the organization must consider how to establish more formal intelligence operations. And the benefits from doing so are clear, like:

  • Consistent and substantial cost savings
  • Proactive insights on true threats
  • Intelligence to avoid false alarms
  • System and application availability to preserve revenues and customer loyalty

Download this special white paper to learn a proven, repeatable process with clear, established steps for setting up an in-house cyber security intelligence operation – all based on years of experience and testing by our acclaimed Verisign iDefense team.

In this comprehensive report, you’ll also learn about:

  • Fundamentals of intelligence – both theoretical and practical
  • Concepts that form the foundation for establishing intelligence gathering and dissemination capabilities
  • Pre-intelligence steps that examine why companies commission others to carry out the task of gathering and presenting intelligence in the first place

By following the steps outlined in this paper, an organization may establish an intelligence capability for the first time or may formalize and improve existing operations. By outlining a framework for understanding the fundamentals of intelligence along with proven best practices, iDefense hopes it will help organizations establish an effective intelligence capability.

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