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DNS: Risk, Reward and Managed Services



Why You Need to Address Your DNS Strategy Now

Think of the Domain Name System (DNS) as “The Force”—it unifies all people and devices connected via the Internet. Unfortunately, in the past couple of years, the number of online DNS-based attacks has grown significantly, exposing the vulnerability of many major enterprises’ DNS infrastructures.

Surprisingly, although security remains on the top of the list of enterprise concerns, the link between security vulnerability and DNS is not understood. And given today’s ever-changing cyber climate, enterprises need to acknowledge the importance of DNS to the operation of the Internet, and assess if their current DNS management strategy is enough.

Download a special white paper from Yankee Group Research and learn:

  • The pros and cons of in-house, ISP and managed service provider DNS management options
  • Why cloud computing and the depletion of the IPv4 address pool will affect you
  • Their four recommendations for all enterprises, regardless of size or industry
  • Specific criteria you need to look for if you’re evaluating services of a managed DNS service provider

Get your report now and learn how to effectively leverage DNS while protecting your most important Web assets from future attacks!

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