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How to Redirect Your Branded Email to Your Gmail Account

Redirecting branded email to Gmail account

Once you’ve created your email address and configured it to be forwarded through your web hosting provider account, head to your Gmail email page and:

  • Click on the gear icon located in the right hand corner and click Settings from the dropdown
  • Click on the Accounts and Import tab>Send mail as>Add another email address you own
  • Enter your name and business email and then click Next Step
  • You’ll be prompted to send a confirmation email through your corporate email
  • Go back to your Gmail inbox and grab the code from the confirmation email
  • Enter the code into the confirmation box in the settings area.

Instructions also located here:

Remember: when you’re composing or responding to business-related emails, make sure your From: field is set to your branded email. And don’t forget to add your business signature!