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Framework for Resilient DNS Security



The Domain Name System (DNS) is the naming system for the internet. It uses specialized servers to translate (or resolve) domain names, such as www., into numeric addresses that allow data and information to reach their destination. To establish connectivity with other users and devices, almost anything that interfaces with the internet depends on the accuracy, integrity and availability of DNS. Most online transactions and data movement are critically dependent on DNS services. As such, DNS becomes an important point of security enforcement and a potential point of mitigation for many cyber-attacks. Organizations are beginning to recognize this and are using DNS security mechanisms as a first line of defense for preventing or mitigating online threats.

This paper draws on Verisign’s expertise to present a framework for resilient DNS security. Leveraging this framework can help organizations curtail a variety of attacks before they do damage—potentially reducing or eliminating costs and other risks associated with cyber-attacks.

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