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Defend Yourself by Learning What’s Behind a Hacker’s Attack!

Although we don’t know the “what” or “why” that drives a hacker to launch a destructive DDoS attack, we do know that cyber assaults are getting larger, more complex and global in scale. To combat these attacks, an enterprise must employ a proactive approach for protection – or run a huge risk of being attacked, with potential devastating consequences to its reputation, brand and revenue.

A smart approach to protection is to know what goes on behind the scenes of an attack.

Learn more about a number of DDoS-enabled malware and several DDoS-specific tools, their destructive capabilities and the network indicators they generate in our comprehensive white paper. Download it now to learn specific details about known threats, like:

  • BroBot
  • BlackEnergy
  • Darkness
  • Russkill
  • NOise
  • Cythosia

And discover what two additional steps you need to take to protect yourself now.

Internet-facing systems are constantly in danger from a variety of threats. Determining the method of attack and potential source is one effective way to help reduce the effects of an attack. So download this report today.

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