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Thwarting DDoS Attacks with Cloud Defenses



Your Internally Managed Strategy against Cyber Attacks Isn’t Enough Anymore!

Enterprises with the most robust on-premise defenses are no longer able to mitigate the sophisticated DDoS attacks of today, and a recent survey of IT professionals concurs on how ill-equipped they really are.

Download this important report and learn why utilizing the expertise and resources of a cloud-based provider is the only sound solution.

Learn the many advantages you’ll receive employing a provider that’s able to:

  • Keep enterprises up and running in the face of high-volume assaults
  • Build out massive amounts of network bandwidth and DDoS mitigation capacity at multiple sites around the Internet
  • Staff security specialists around the clock who are dedicated to staying on top of current security threats and assault tactics
  • Invest in numerous types of DDoS mitigation hardware

You really can’t afford to wait. Download now and learn how to effectively protect yourself against the sophisticated assaults of today and potentially more attacks in the future!

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