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Protecting Privacy: Evolution of DNS Security



The Domain Name System (DNS) is involved in nearly every transaction conducted on the Internet. It translates your online requests into a set of navigation instructions to get you to the right location. It is also one of the richest data sources about online activities. Recent enhancements to DNS continue to extend the privacy protections enabled by this fundamental Internet infrastructure service. This session will survey these enhancements and discuss the appropriate role of the DNS in an organization’s overall privacy and security strategy.

What you’ll take away:

  • How the Domain Name System—the fundamental service that enables applications to connect by name to services, devices and other resources—is both a critical control point for information exchange and a building block for improving privacy and security
  • How enhancements to DNS over the past decade, and especially the past year, continue to improve both the privacy and security of the service itself, and its contribution to privacy and security overall
  • Because of its key role in an organization’s Internet infrastructure, why the DNS should be an important part of an organization’s privacy and security strategy

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