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Ovum Consulting Report: On the Radar – Verisign DNS Firewall



Why put Verisign DNS Firewall on your radar?

The advent of massively distributed malware has brought a new focus on the role of a company's DNS resolver (i.e. its recursive DNS server) and how it can assist in protecting devices on the network from access to malware and unwanted content. The DNS Firewall brings the weight of Verisign's expertise to bear to protect customers' systems and infrastructure.

Key messages

  • Verisign operates major TLDs, including .com and .net, and runs two of the Internet's 13 root name servers.
  • It has offered authoritative DNS as a service, enabling companies' websites to be found, for many years.
  • It also offers recursive DNS, for enterprise users to access websites, as a service.
  • It now offers a secure recursive DNS service called the DNS Firewall to guard against access to malware and unwanted content at the DNS layer.

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