About Verisign

Green Business Initiatives

Verisign is proudly committed to the protection and preservation of the environment. We embrace our responsibility to provide a healthy, safe and secure workplace while doing our part to be good environmental stewards.

We work hard to lower our carbon footprint, minimize waste production and operate as efficiently as possible. Some actions we are taking include:

  • Ensuring full compliance with applicable environmental, health, safety and security laws and other requirements to meet customer needs and expectations
  • Promoting employee involvement at all levels
  • Monitoring performance and striving to reach higher goals
  • Exercising environmentally friendly practices by traveling less and conducting more video conferencing meetings

We take pride in these efforts and will continue to be sensitive to the environment in all of our business activities.

Our current areas of focus are:

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse

Verisign has reduced the product inventory in our break rooms and office supply rooms. We use biodegradable cups and compostable utensils and paper products in our employee break rooms. We use recycled copy paper, note pads, Post-it® notes and paper clips. Our recycling program for cans, bottles, paper, batteries, light bulbs, electronic waste and other items bring us closer to reducing items going into a landfill.

Earth Friendly Products

Our janitorial program uses ‘green’ cleaning products and microfiber cleaning cloths, eliminating the need for paper cleaning products.

Energy Consumption

We are working with our local utility providers to reduce our load on the energy grid. We’ve begun to implement vacancy sensors that turn off power to idle equipment. We turn off lights during the evening and weekend hours and have reduced hours of operation on our HVAC units. We are striving to have motion sensors in all offices and conference rooms and are reducing the number of small printer stations.

Real Estate

Verisign is rethinking our fundamental approach to real estate. Our goal is to design and manage space to enhance worker productivity and satisfaction while reducing demands on the environment. We plan to create more effective work environments that utilize space efficiently. We will strive to locate our offices close to public transportation, when possible, to give our customers and staff an alternative to driving.


Verisign is looking into recycling and/or reusing existing materials as much as possible with a focus on diverting construction waste from landfills to verified recycling locations. We plan to reduce or eliminate the need for glues/adhesives to secure carpet and procuring local construction materials (within 500 miles of our projects) when possible to minimize transportation pollution. We are researching alternative power sources to generate more efficient power while reducing our emissions in general office space. Our goal is to bring more natural light further into the buildings and to capture rain water for irrigation purposes.