Enhancing Your Small Business Brand

Your company already has a brand. And it’s not your logo. It’s your image to the world, based on what they see, hear and experience about you.

Branding your business can help customers find your website.

Even though your brand is ultimately determined by public perception, you can still influence feelings about your small business with the right strategy, visuals and messaging in place.

So are you maximizing your opportunities to enhance your company’s greatness? Consider these three areas where you can create meaningful, relevant experiences with your audience to strengthen your brand.

Online Presence

In today’s Internet-centric world, most people use the Web to search for a product or service. So it’s imperative for a small business to have a strong online presence to build a reliable brand, which you can easily create with a domain name.

A domain name can be leveraged in several ways. If you’re not ready to launch a website just yet, you can still get started with:

Branded email

Show the world your company is established and professional so potential customers will find you more credible. Read why in Five Reasons to Brand Your Email.

Domain forwarding

Direct your audience to your e-commerce site, social media page or online directory listing. Don’t know how? Learn the simple steps in How to Redirect Your Domain Name to a Social Media or E-Commerce Site.

Then once you’re ready to take the next step, launch a:

Company website

Gain trust with online consumers and reach a wider audience with your message 24/7. And make sure your site is mobile friendly too – read why that’s important in Responsive Design: Why You Need a Mobile Website.

Digital Marketing

With so much competition to choose from, promoting your business frequently helps keep you top-of-mind. Showcase what defines your brand from the competition by using these marketing methods that will build recognition and trust amongst existing and potential clients:

Learn how to leverage email marketing for your business.


Boost customer loyalty and drive business to on- and offline channels – see how in Tips for Leveraging Email Marketing.

Increase your website visibility with our SEO tips.


Increase your website’s visibility to search engines so your site reaches more potential online consumers. Learn the four reasons SEO is critical to your business’s success in Increase Your Search Rankings with SEO.

Build brand awareness by enhancing your social networks.

Social media

Build more awareness of your brand with an immediate audience through one or more social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Read why you should in Social Marketing: Enhancing Social Networks for Small-Business Marketing.

Read our tips on how to attract customers with online content marketing.


Create and distribute unique content to attract customers to your brand, products and services. Learn more with Tips for Online Content Marketing.

Consistent Experience

Whether it’s spoken over the telephone, written on a blog or printed on a business card, providing a consistent experience through all business touch points is key to building a strong brand that resonates with your audience. Consider your:

Learn how to handle customer complaints on social media.

Customer service

Take the necessary steps to ensure you are providing a consistent, seamless customer service experience through all channels whether it’s your help desk, live chat, and yes, social media. Surprised? Learn more with Social Media Best Practices to Handle Customer Complaints.

Discover how adding a video to your website can make an impact.

Design & Messaging

Be consistent with your logo, colors and graphics (i.e., stationary, brochures, apparel) and messaging across all forms of communication (i.e., web articles, Tweets, newsletter) since this is key to building an effective, accurate brand. Also, read how video can deliver brand awareness in Add Video for Impact.

Bottom line: your brand is not a fancy symbol, but what the public feels (and then shares!) about you. By clearly communicating who you are and what you’re about, the world will eventually see how great you are too.