The Small Business Website Guide

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Take Your Business Online

Getting online should be one of your highest priorities. If you don't know whether being online will help your business, or don't know where to begin, start here.

Plan Your Online Presence

You can’t start before you have a plan. Discover everything you need when considering your online presence.

Improve and Grow Your Website

Find help and advice for creating compelling content for your site and improving its design and usability.

Promote Your Business Online

Discover how to attract more visitors to your site and turn those views into more business.

Build Customer Loyalty

Make sure that your site stays interesting and valuable for your customers to keep them coming back.

Improve and Grow Your Website

Discover what resources are available to enhance your online presence.

How to optimize your business' eCommerce when expanding overseas

Learn how to optimize your international eCommerce strategy to help customers from all over the world to quickly and efficiently purchase your goods or services.

How to optimize your domain name when expanding overseas

Learn how to optimize your domain name when expanding overseas with our key international SEO tips.

How your business should adapt its online presence to expand overseas

Learn how you can adapt your website to new international markets. Here are some key tips on international business expansion to get started.

How social media can complement your business' website

Both a website and social media are vital components of your organisation's web presence. Here are some key benefits of using social media and a website for business.

Optimise your online presence – combine the power of websites and social media.

Learn how to build your business’ online presence using social media and a website together.

Use social media to increase website traffic

It’s getting harder to reach customers using social media without spending lots of money on advertising. Find out how to transform your own website into a place where you can engage with your customers in the same way you would on Facebook.

Use website optimisation to get on the first page of Google

As the Internet has grown, so has the reliance on search engines. So much so, that users now don’t actually ‘search’ for websites – they ‘Google them’. As a result, businesses that are appearing on the tenth page of Google searches for example, rather than the first, second or third etc. are falling way behind – both in traffic and revenue.

Expert tips: How creating content can improve your website

Integrated marketing expert Amy Manuel from Adaptation Project gives small business owner Raphaelle Simmons of advice on how to create engaging website content.

How small businesses can use their website data

What are the vital ingredients for a strong online brand? Web hosting company 1&1 UK talk us through how domain names, social media and SEO all play a part.

Expert tips: How to submit your website to search engines

Unsure if you should invest in making a video for your site? Film producer Ravinol Chambers of Be Inspired Films gives an overview of when you should and shouldn’t use video for your website. Powerful use cases include video testimonials, video blogging and company introductions.

Expert tips: Six tips to create a video for your website

Film producer Ravinol Chambers of Be Inspired Films gives some top tips to small business owners on how to create great video online. Ravinol gives an insight into how to prepare, how to appeal to your audience and how to get views.

The importance of mobile sites

Smartphone penetration in the UK is at an all-time high. People use phones to surf, shop and navigate around. Here’s a guide to building a site for mobile.

What are website widgets and how can it improve my site?

Widget – noun – an application that enables a user to perform a function or access a service. Here’s your guide to using widgets on your website.

How to create web video productions at a low cost

Film producer Ravinol Chambers of Be Inspired Films explains how businesses can get involved with creating videos without a big financial outlay.

Expert tips: Setting up an online business with 1&1 eshops

Businesses are looking for an all-in-one solution to sell products online and expand worldwide. Whatever industry you arre in, 1&1 eShop packages offer all the key features for a successful online business.

Tips and tricks for starting an online business

Choosing the right name, creating great content, building loyalty and other great tips to increase your online presence to complement your business.

Simple steps to achieving eCommerce website success

Understanding the difference between eCommerce and eShops, and learning the Dos and Don’ts of eCommerce.

How to use website images to attract visitors

Looking into what images can visually support your website the best, and tips on where to get the best deal for them.

Need to get online fast? Create your own website

How to build your business website quickly and with ease, whilst avoiding common errors.

Password security: safe and simple

For maximum password security, follow these simple tips to ensure your online transactions are safer and you are not at risk of having any of your personal profiles compromised

Website tips: Correct 10 mistakes that are costing you money

Having a website is a great way to showcase your business and interact with customers. Get ecommerce tips on how to avoid common website mistakes.

Mash-up your online a good way!

Learn what ‘mash-up’ means and how to include it on your website to help create more engaging content and improve customer experience.

Five great tools to create infographics for your website

If you are looking for a way to inject a bit of colour or spruce up a text-heavy blog posts, infographics are a simple way to introduce variety. Learn about the five different approaches to infographics.

How to secure online payments

Introducing an online payment system to your website is a great way to open a new revenue stream. Learn the top thing you should consider when selecting the right solution.

Expert tips: Elly Gray on how to improve a website over time

Creating a web presence is vital, but maintaining your site is just as important. Learn why your business website needs to evolve over time from industry expert Elly Gray.

Expert tips: Elly Gray on how to start a website that grows with you

Get advice from expert Elly Gray on why your business website needs to grow at the same rate as your business.

Expert tips: How to use digital content elements on your website

Understand how to introduce different content elements into your website to give it a 3-dimensional feel and provide visitors with a unique way of exploring your business from industry expert Elly Gray.

Internet cookies: A to Z

Get a full introduction to cookies. Understand the different types, their use and what control businesses have over them.

How to start selling with an online payment system

Being able to sell products online can take your business to a completely new level, opening up a potentially enormous new market. Discover several options available which make it easy to sell online.

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