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Verisign Uptime Bundle

Increase website service availability and improve infrastructure performance.

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If your site is down, your sales are down. It's as simple as that.

As a business that relies on the internet, ensuring website availability and security is paramount to your organization’s success. Even one hour of downtime can result in significant lost revenues - and a malicious attack can cause serious harm to your business, your revenue, and potentially your customers.

One of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to ensure availability of your organization’s web infrastructure is to deploy a cloud-based DNS hosting service from a reputable vendor with a strong history in DNS management. Why turn to the cloud?

Download the whitepaper or watch the on demand webinar to learn more.

Managed DNS DDoS Mitigation
Uptime Bundle 100 Domains

25 Million Queries

Standard Traffic Management*
1 Attack Annually Request a Quote
Uptime Bundle Plus 500 Domains

75 Million Queries

Standard Traffic Management*
1 Attack Annually Request a Quote

*Standard Traffic Management includes 1 DNS Failover Record, 1 Weighted Load Balancing Record and Geo-location

DNS Hosting & DDoS Attack Protection

Ensure DNS availability with our server uptime bundle

DNS Availability

Verisign Managed DNS helps to ensure the availability of your mission-critical Web-based systems, while relieving the cost and burden of maintaining DNS infrastructure internally.

Network and application availability

Network and Application Availability

DDoS Protection Services support your efforts to maintain 100% server uptime for Web-based systems and applications by protecting against DDoS attacks.

Traffic management helps to improve end-user experiences

Traffic Management

Verisign’s Standard Traffic Management improves your organizations flexibility, capacity and control, while improving end-user experience.