Verisign Registry Onboarding Guide

Welcome to the Verisign New gTLD Customer Portal. We are excited to continue building strong relationships with our new gTLD customers as we embark into the next evolution of internet.

Quick Reference Guide

Contractual References

Your contractual packet contains the following documents:

  1. Master Service Agreement-General standard contractual terms
  2. Service Guide-Addresses Verisign’s New gTLD Service by phase.
    1. Exhibit A-Pre-Delegation Service
      1. Section 1- Application Assistance
        1. Response to Technical Questions; Application Assistance Guide
        2. Public Comment & Objection Support
      2. Section 2 Pre-Delegation
        1. Initiation of Testing
        2. Cooperation by Verisign
        3. Data Escrow
        4. Continued Operations Instrument
    2. Exhibit B-Rights Protection Mechanism
      1. Sunrise Services
      2. Trademark Claims Services
    3. Exhibit C-Standard Registry Services
      1. Section 1-Delegation
        1. Transition
        2. Authority
      2. Section 2-Backend Registry Services
        1. Standard Registry Services
        2. Performance Specifications
        3. Compliance with Consensus and Temporary Policies
        4. Data Escrow
        5. Monthly Reporting
        6. Publication of Registration Data
          1. (Registration Data Directory Services)
          2. (Zone File Access)
          3. (Bulk Registration Data Access)
        7. Reserved and Blocked Names
        8. IDNs
        9. DNSSEC
        10. Registry Interoperability and Continuity
          1. (Standards Compliance)
          2. (Wildcard Prohibition)
          3. (Registry Continuity)
          4. (Abuse Mitigation)
        11. Supported Initial and Renewal Registration Periods
      3. Section 3-Community-Based Policies and Registration Policies
      4. Section 4-ICANN Audits
      5. Section 5-Relationship with Registrars
        1. ICANN Accreditation; Identification of Registrars
        2. Platform Access Agreements
        3. Registrar Requirements
        4. Customer/Registrar Support
        5. Domain Name Registrant Support
        6. Domain Name Registration Pricing
          1. (Notice)
          2. (Collection)
          3. (Fees to ICANN)
      6. Section 6-License to User Interface
        1. License Grant
        2. Use of User Interface
        3. Uniform Policies
        4. Ownership of User Interface
        5. Changes to User Interface
        6. Other Intellectual Property Rights
      7. Appendix 1-Monthly Reporting
        1. Per-Registrar Transaction Report
        2. Registry Functions Activity Report
  3. Service Order for New gTLD Services, including:
    1. Exhibit A, Definitions
      1. Many defined terms set forth in the Service Order and Service Guide
    2. Exhibit B, Order Form
      1. Term of each Order Form
      2. Fees and Invoicing and Payment Terms
    3. Exhibit C, Service Level Agreement
      1. Service levels and credits

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