Verisign Registry Onboarding Guide

Welcome to the Verisign New gTLD Customer Portal. We are excited to continue building strong relationships with our new gTLD customers as we embark into the next evolution of internet.

General Availability Highlights

Key tasks and information to consider following during General Availability of a new gTLD.

Zone File Access

High-level Actions:

  • Specification 3, Section 2 of the ICANN Registry Agreement requires Registry Operator to “enter into an agreement with any Internet user that will allow such user to access an Internet host server or servers designated by the Registry Operator and download zone file data. The agreement will be standardized, facilitated and administered by a Centralized Zone Data Access Provider (CZDA).”
  • Registry Operator is required to provide access to the zone file data using the file format indicated by ICANN.
  • Verisign will provide zone files for each TLD and will provide Registry Operator a copy of the zone file for download via FTP as described in Exhibit C, Section 2 (f) of the Service Guide.
    • CZDA is still under development
  • The Registry Operator will be responsible for reviewing and approving all requests for access to the zone file and the zone file data and for entering into a Zone File Access Agreement with the requestor.
  • Registry Operator will send Verisign all information required by Verisign to create user credentials to access the zone file and Verisign will send the user credentials to Registry Operator and for other actions as set forth in the Service Guide.