Verisign Registry Onboarding Guide

Welcome to the Verisign New gTLD Customer Portal. We are excited to continue building strong relationships with our new gTLD customers as we embark into the next evolution of internet.

General Availability Highlights

Key tasks and information to consider following during General Availability of a new gTLD.

ICANN Monthly Reporting

In accordance with specification 3 of the ICANN Registry Agreement, ICANN requires two reports delivered to them for each TLD on a calendar monthly basis:

  • Per-Registrar Transactions Report
  • Registry Functions Activity Report

High-level Actions:

  • As set forth I Exhibit C, Section 2 (e) of the Service Guide, Verisign will make available to the Registry Operator for download via a Verisign FTP site, the data set forth in the fields below. The data made available by Verisign will be in the format required by ICANN
  • Registry Operator is responsible for inserting data not provided by Verisign (fields indicated below as Registry Operator).
  • Registry Operator is responsible for delivering the complete report to ICANN as set forth in the Applicant Guidebook

ICANN Monthly Report Details

  • Registrar Transactions Report
    • Fields 1-28: Verisign
    • Fields 29-31 (Transfer Dispute): Registry Operator
    • Fields 32-35: Verisign
    • Fields 36-38 (AGP Exemptions): Registry Operator
    • Field 39: Verisign
  • Registry Function Activity Report
    • Fields 1-3 (Registrars): Registry Operator
    • Fields 4-39: Verisign (field 7 – Searchable WhoIs - will be provided as applicable)

ICANN Access to Bulk Registration Data

  • Periodic Access to Thin Registration Data
    • ICANN requires a report containing registration data (set forth in Section 3.1 of Specification 4 of the ICANN Registry Agreement to be delivered on a weekly basis
    • Verisign will provide the registration data for Verisign’s Standard Registry Services set forth in Section 3.1 of Specification 4 and make it available to the Registry Operator via FTP prior to the retrieval day specified by ICANN.
  • Exceptional Access to thick Registration data
    • Under certain circumstances ICANN may request access to up-to-date data for the domain names of the losing registrar as set forth in Section 3.2 of Specification 4 of the ICANN Registry Agreement.
    • Unless otherwise agreed, Registry Operator will make the file available for download by ICANN in the same manner as for thin registration data.
    • Registry Operator shall notify Verisign no later than one business day after ICANN requests Registry Operator provide the data.
    • Verisign will provide the data related to the domain name of the registrar to the Customer for download via an FTP site designated by Verisign. For more information, please review Exhibit C, Section 2 (f) of the Service Guide.