Verisign Registry Onboarding Guide

Welcome to the Verisign New gTLD Customer Portal. We are excited to continue building strong relationships with our new gTLD customers as we embark into the next evolution of internet.

Evaluation to Award Highlights

Several of the key tasks and information to consider before award.

Data Escrow

Module 5, Section 5.2.3 under Pre-delegation Test Elements “Escrow Deposit” of the ICANN Applicant Guidebook states in part “The applicant-provided samples of data deposit that include both a full and an incremental deposit showing correct type and formatting of content will be reviewed. Special attention will be given to the agreement with the escrow provider to ensure that the escrowed data can be release within 24 hours should it be necessary.”

Tasks for the Registry Operator –

  • Before award, meet with the Data Escrow provider to ensure all requirements are understood.
  • Negotiate and execute an escrow agreement with the Data Escrow Provider to establish an escrow account. The escrow agreement must meet ICANN’s requirements.

Once the pre-delegation testing kicks off –

  • Verisign will process and deliver each formatted Full Deposit and Differential Deposit for data related to VeriSign’s Standard Registry Services to the Escrow Agent in accordance with the Service Guide.
  • A copy of the data will be made available to Registry Operator for download via an FTP site as set forth in the Service Guide.