Grow Your Domain Portfolio

Expand Your Reach With a Portfolio of Domains

By creating a portfolio of domain names using more than one top-level domain (TLD), you make it easier for people to find you and more effectively direct them to the most relevant content. If you register "" for your website, you might also add "" for your internal infrastructure, "" for your video content, and so on.

Many companies register variations on a domain name, for example, "" or "". It is also a good idea to register common misspellings of your company name or domain name. Your domain names can all point to a single website or to a different landing page within your website. This will help you capture traffic if people don't remember your exact company name or if they misspell it.

Because your brand is so important, whether you are protecting an established business or building a new one, you need to protect your name. An easy way to protect your online identity is by making sure it’s registered to you through all its iterations: .com, .net, .tv to .jobs, .mobi, etc. Don’t take the chance that a competitor could register your name, or that a name won’t be available when you want to register it.

Expanding your domain name portfolio serves three main purposes:

  • Protect your brand name online by reserving your name with other TLDs or sound-alike names.
  • Direct people to specialized content such as videos or job searches.
  • Make your business easier to find via search or direct navigation.

Information on TLDs powered by Verisign is available below:


As the world’s premiere online identity, a .com domain name helps provide businesses the legitimacy they seek, and the recognition they deserve. It serves as a platform to reach customers, clients and fans. You can use your .com to leverage the Internet to promote your brand or communicate your interests, whether local or worldwide.


More than 15 million entrepreneurs have launched their ideas on a .net domain name because it is recognizable and truly remarkable. When you put .net after your name, you show the world that you're available, reputable and going places.


For personal, business and professional websites with playable content, a .tv domain name is the ideal domain extension. Stand out from the ever-increasing crowd of Web addresses and tell people what to expect when visiting your site – video.


.name is the domain name that’s built 100 percent around individuals. It’s all about a personal online identity – and all that makes a person unique. .name is about family, friends, hobbies and social media taken to the next level.


About half of all registered .cc domain names use languages other than English. .cc is available as an internationalized domain, meaning you can register your .cc domain name in more than 350 different languages around the globe.