Recursive DNS
Recursive DNS

Secure and reliable cloud-based recursive DNS service for superior performance

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Secure DNS Is an Essential Component of Your Business

Secure and stable outbound traffic is just as important as secure and stable inbound traffic.

Secure DNS and stabilize your outbound and inbound traffic with Verisign Recursive DNS

When securing your DNS, it is critical to focus on availability so that end users can get to your internet presence (primarily driven by authoritative DNS). However, it is equally as important, but often overlooked, to ensure that your internal navigation and your outbound customer interactions continue to perform at their peak. In nearly all cases, this critical business function is accomplished by recursive DNS.

Complete DNS security means maximizing the availability of your web presence as well as maximizing the security and stability of your recursive DNS. Attacks on your outbound DNS that disable or disrupt service likewise disrupt or disable the ability to navigate internally and conduct core business processes such as navigating the Web, using email, enabling machine-to-machine communications, using service portal APIs and even maintaining system accuracy.

Verisign’s reliable, cloud-based Recursive DNS can help businesses ensure the high availability and secure DNS of their entire ecosystem.

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