Recursive DNS
Recursive DNS

Secure and reliable cloud-based recursive DNS service for superior performance

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On an average day, Verisign handles more than 152 billion DNS queries, and has been doing so with 100 percent operational accuracy and stability for more than 21 years

DNS technology: Unmatched experience, expertise and infrastructure

Verisign Recursive DNS technology allows organizations to leverage the proven expertise and proprietary technology of Verisign, a premier provider of Internet infrastructure services.

Verisign Recursive DNS builds upon proprietary technology to deliver secure, consistent and accurate results. At the heart of the service is Verisign’s Advanced Transaction Look-up Signaling (ATLAS®) platform. This award-winning platform provides processing capacity well above the industry standard to maintain the speed and reliability of connections.

Verisign Recursive DNS service is protected by Verisign’s unique Athena mitigation platform. Athena provides the performance, resilience and functionality to mitigate high-volume and complex, multi-vector DDoS attacks thus providing you a service that is reliable, available and secure.

Verisign offers a massively provisioned, cloud-based DNS infrastructure that uses anycast routing technology and a suite of fully redundant, globally distributed DNS resolution supersites.

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