DNS Firewall
Verisign DNS Firewall

An easy-to-configure cloud-based service that provides global threat protection and prevents access to unwanted internet content.

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Verisign DNS Firewall: Management and Security You Need With the Visibility You Require

Verisign DNS Firewall integrates predictive analytics and third-party feeds to block navigation to websites through use of category filtering. This combination provides organizations with robust protection in an ever-evolving threat landscape.

Malware Detection

Optimize threat coverage with proprietary security data and third-party feeds.

Category Filtering

Tailor traffic navigation by choosing from a variety of out-of-the-box filters

Custom White / Black Lists

Define custom white and black lists for more granular control

Passive Mode

Test drive changes before implementing them on the network

Predictive Analytics

Detect potential botnet infections before they become active through the integration of our proprietary botnet detection algorithms

DNS Tunneling & Exfiltration Protection

Use Verisign's custom built signature and behavior anomaly detection engine to help prevent the use of DNS traffic to steal sensitive information or create tunnels through your existing security layers.

On-Prem or IaaS Support

Support your physical or Infrastructure-as-a-Service (i.e. Microsoft Azure) virtual machines with a common DNS Firewall policy.


Provides detailed reporting to help further improve your ability to secure your network and your enterprise.


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