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Verisign DNS Firewall

An easy-to-configure cloud-based service that provides global threat protection and prevents access to unwanted internet content.

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Verisign DNS Firewall: Security With Fully Customizable Filters Based on Your Business Needs

Secure the rapidly growing landscape of devices on your network with a single, simple modification – an update of recursive DNS settings

The Verisign DNS Firewall not only provides a variety of out-of-the-box content filters based on contextual categorization feeds that can be applied to manage traffic leaving your network; it also offers organizations the ability to define customized white and black lists to tailor traffic navigation with a greater level of precision to achieve business objectives as compared to traditional filtering services.

For Organizations That Do Not Have an Existing Security Solution

The Verisign DNS Firewall provides a service that secures your traffic navigation without the significant cost burden associated with hardware implementations.

For Organizations That Already Have Existing Security Solutions

The Verisign DNS Firewall provides “defense in depth” as an added layer of security that can augment your existing traffic navigation threat management capability.

Finally, the Verisign DNS Firewall offers the option to install a lightweight virtual traffic capture component within your network allowing you to identify the specific system that has been compromised enabling surgical remediation.


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