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DDoS Protection

Detect and respond to DDoS threats quickly. Verisign’s cloud-based monitoring and mitigation services provide a scalable solution to today’s increasingly complex DDoS attacks.

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Hybrid DDoS Protection Services

Simple and Effective Protection of Cloud-based and On-premise Applications

DDoS attacks are one of the most prominent and fastest growing threats to security and availability- increasing exponentially in size and complexity. And while hybrid solutions have emerged, most do not offer a fully interoperable and open ecosystem that provides comprehensive DDoS protection and visibility across diverse on-premise and cloud-based environments. In order to protect critical applications and network resources against DDoS across these complex environments, an open hybrid DDoS Defense is increasingly essential and should :

  • Ensure availability of your critical applications and resources in the heterogeneous and evolving environment
  • Provide a holistic view of security threats to your organization across the increased attack surface- what you cannot see you cannot defend against
  • Establish a layered and integrated defense that leverages your existing security controls together with those of the cloud provider

Verisign OpenHybridTM

Learn how to enable existing devices within your enterprise’s security perimeter and cloud environments to signal threat information to the Verisign DDoS Protection Services cloud-based mitigation platform.

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