Invest in Domain Names

Domain Investing: Naming and Techniques

At times, domain name registration trends can reflect industry and popular trends as well as popular methods used to search for a domain name. How does someone following a particular trend find potentially valuable names to register? Using name search tools and resources are ways that can help you find suggestions for domain names related to your area of interest or expertise, possibly showing available names with potential traffic, keyword competition or an increasing number of registrations. Slight variations of a desired name, such as including specific keywords and characters like hyphens and numbers, can be helpful in finding potentially valuable domain names that can drive traffic and interest among users.

Trends in domain investments

Recent Naming Trends

Monitoring registrations of particular keywords is one way to track an uptick in domain name registrations. Recently, an increase in domain name registrations accompanied significant events including the rise of Bitcoins, the U.S. Government shutdown and the election of Pope Francis. Each of these events provides a potential “niche” for investment in related domain names. You can use various tools to track how often keyword terms appear relative to total search volume (such as with Google Trends), or appear in .com and .net domain registration. Once you find a keyword term, use a tool like Google AdWords Keywords Planner to assess the search volume, ranking and cost of keywords to understand the potential advertising value of a related domain name.

How a Minor Variation Can Lead to a Valuable Domain Name

Using a keyword or combination of keywords is a common method used when searching for a domain name, as this can create a recognizable name or phrase. Another method is to include other characters, such as hyphens and numbers, as part of the domain name.

To understand these various methods, Verisign conducted an analysis of how domain names, keywords and/or trends can factor into driving traffic. In many cases domain names with hyphens can drive equal amounts of traffic as domain names without hyphens.

From Verisign’s analysis, of (23 million) pairs of non-existent domains whose names differed only by the inclusion or exclusion of hyphen, more than 300 million requests were made for the non-hyphen name but nearly 200 million requests were made for the names with hyphens.

How can a domain name with hyphens have the same or even more traffic? There are several factors, but a site with good SEO, content and links can minimize any negative effects or perceptions of things like hyphens in a domain name. In an independent analysis of the phrase St. Patrick’s Day, the hyphenated domain name ranked higher for unique visits than the non-hyphenated name.

Valuable domain names come in all “shapes and sizes”. It’s important to consider all your options when searching for a domain name.