How to Get Online

How to Choose a Domain Name

With the dominance of search engines such as Google, customers are not as likely to type in a domain name or URL as they are to type key words into a search engine. As you think about your domain name, there are a few areas to cover:


The extension you see to the right of the dot ( is just as important to what’s to the left of it ( Learn more about TLDs to help you choose the right one for your business - Verisign powers several reputable extensions like .com and .net:


With more than 15 years of reliability, .com is the foremost trusted domain and where customers want to do business online.


An established domain with a strong legacy, .net validates your online business.


You can engage the world with your .tv domain and let them know it’s your channel, your passions, your stories.


Establish your online presence in a creative and memorable way with a .cc domain name.


Make it easy for others to learn more about you with a .name domain name and create the perfect place for promoting your personal profile, your interest, your links.

Location & Categories

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Don’t be afraid to have a longer domain name. In fact, the average domain name is 13 characters long.1 Descriptive names that are naturally longer in length can be memorable and great for branding. Some businesses even add in location or other words that help to describe their business in their domain names.


Domain names with hyphens can open the possibilities of what is available to you. Though you should take into consideration where you place the hyphen. It is best practice to place them at natural word breaks, as it will make it easier for a user to remember your domain name.

Ex. vs.

Consider Alternate Spellings

When registering a domain name that has more than one possible spelling, try to register all variations of the word to help ensure your customers can easily find your business online.

Consider Registering with Other TLD Extensions

Once you determine the domain name you like is available (, consider purchasing the same name but with other top-level domains (,, etc). Then redirect those extensions to the original domain name to help protect your brand in the future.

Using the tips provided above, brainstorm a list of possible domain names you want to secure for your business. Then check the availability with our register a domain name tool.

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