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Security Services
Managed DNS

Our secure, globally available DNS hosting service in the cloud provides you with a 100-percent service-level agreement (SLA) for DNS resolution.

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Unmatched Experience, Expertise and Infrastructure

On an average day, Verisign handles more than 130 billion DNS queries, and has been doing so with 100 per cent operational accuracy and stability for more than 19 years.

Other providers of managed DNS services also provide DNS to Internet top-level domain names (TLDs), but none possess the track record of success in maintaining uptime or the level of performance and scale of Verisign.

Proven, Dedicated and Talented:

Verisign Managed DNS allows organisations to leverage the proven expertise and proprietary technology of Verisign, a premier provider of Internet infrastructure services. By leveraging anycast technology, the service uses 17 fully redundant, globally distributed DNS resolution supersites that help minimise transactional latency while optimising availability.

Organisations leveraging cloud DNS

Robust and Globally Available:

Verisign Managed DNS relies on the Advanced Transaction Look-up Signalling (ATLAS®) platform for secure, consistent and accurate DNS resolution. Verisign Managed DNS is the only service of its kind that:

  • Uses the same technology built to run the global .com registry without fail for more than 19 years.
  • Built on proprietary technology that does not rely on BIND software; as such, it is much less vulnerable to security flaws than other DNS platforms.

Cloud-Based DNS Infrastructure:

Verisign offers a massively provisioned, cloud-based DNS infrastructure that uses anycast routing technology and 17 fully redundant, globally distributed DNS resolution supersites. This infrastructure provides proven protection against DNS-targeted DDoS attacks and allows you to scale your DNS services as your needs grow with no hardware investment or maintenance costs.

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