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MitM Attack by Name Collision

Cause Analysis and WPAD Vulnerability Assessment in the New gTLD Era

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getdns Open Source

Verisign Labs, along with NLNet Labs, leads community development and promotion of the open source getdns library, which brings DNSSEC and modern DNS features to applications developers and end-systems. Watch this presentation to learn the latest on getdns development.

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Featured Collaboration

Verisign Labs collaborates with NLNet Labs on multiple topics in DNS open source and innovation

Tech Talks

Verisign Distinguished Speakers Series

Tech Talks are presentations from invited guests and Verisign employees about issues related to Internet technology.

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Verisign Labs Graduate Intern Program

Verisign labs graduate intern program

Each February, Verisign Labs accepts applications for internships and selects about a dozen exceptionally qualified graduate students for our Reston, Virginia office to work closely with our research scientists and participate alongside them in our technical, business, and social programming.

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Verisign Labs Publications

Verisign Labs Publications

Verisign Labs is committed to sharing our findings with the broader research community. Our repository makes available our researchers' publications, presentations, and industry standards contributions.

Our Publications

Verisign Labs on the Verisign Blog

We Need You: Industry Collaboration to Improve Registration Data Services

For more than 30 years, the industry has used a service and protocol named WHOIS to access the data associated with domain name and internet address registration activities. 

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Increasing the Strength of the Zone Signing Key for the Root Zone

Guest Post from Duane Wessels, Principal Research Scientist

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Verisign’s Perspective on Recent Root Server Attacks

Guest post from Duane Wessels, Principal Research Scientist

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