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Which website domain best suits my idea?

Choose a website domain that best fits you

Nomen est omen – the Latin proverb meaning that one’s name is often fitting for their personality could also be applied to choosing a website domain. A name that not only unmistakeably describes the services offered on your own website, but also sounds good to the ears of the target group, is the first step on the way to a successful business transaction. That is why you should not only give careful consideration when choosing a catchy domain name, but also when choosing the domain – after all, it is inextricably linked to the domain name. 

According to the domain market barometer by Sedo, the world’s biggest marketplace for domains, the most popular top-level domains at present are .com, .de, and .net. While .de and are among the domains that designate a country, .com and .net are generic top-level domains. The latter are becoming ever more popular. The reason for this is that they convey more than the putative place of business of the website operator; they also inform people about the aim and profile of the website.

Here is a brief profile of some the most popular generic top-level domains:

.com – for business

This domain is by far the most common. It was originally only intended for use by companies, but it has been freely accessible to all for quite some time.

.net – for creative people

.net was originally used by network administration organisations and was closely associated with the Internet industry. That has since changed: in the social media age, the term ‘network’ has assumed a new, highly modern meaning, which is why ever more young Internet business founders are opting for it. Central to it all is the business idea which can be built up into viable business with the help of the Internet.

.tv – for video-minded people

.tv is actually the country domain of Tuvalu, an island in the Pacific with an area of 25.66 square kilometres, making it the fourth-smallest state in the world, behind Monaco, Nauru and Vatican City. The .tv second-level domains are, of course, primarily for websites in the video and TV business.

.cc – for cycling fans, among others

Another country-specific top-level domain, this time that of the Cocos Islands, which politically belong to Australia. Some companies use their .cc domain as a second .com domain and advertise using the various abbreviations of CC. For this reason, it is popular with cycling clubs – and unfortunately also with spammers. Meanwhile, there are of course more addresses registered under .cc as inhabitants of the Cocos Islands.

So take care when choosing a top-level domain – even the name rubs off on your idea and brand values.