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The Small Business Website Guide

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Which website domain (web address) best suits my idea?

Choose a website domain that best fits you

Nomen est omen – the Latin proverb meaning that one’s name is often fitting for their personality or work, can also be applied to websites.

Whether you are bringing an already established business online for the first time, or creating a new business, choosing the right domain name (web address) is critical to establishing your online presence. Your web address will essentially be your identity online, playing a prominent role when people discover, remember or talk about your website.

Choosing a domain name can require some inspiration, and here are some tips to keep in mind as you decide:

1. Use an appropriate domain name extension (e.g. .com, .net, .tv)

Domain extensions can have specific uses, so make sure to choose one that is aligned with your business, is credible, and is widely recognized. Customers should feel safe visiting your website, so a domain name extension your customers know and trust is important.

.com was originally used by network administration organisations and was closely associated with the Internet industry. That has changed since then: in the social media age, the term ‘network’ has assumed a new, highly modern meaning, which is one of the reasons why more than ever young Internet business founders are opting for Central to it all is the business idea which can be built up into viable business with the help of the Internet. The .com domain is by far the most common. It was originally only intended for use by companies, but it has been freely accessible to all for quite some time.

2. Use keywords

Your domain name doesn’t have to be your business name. Try using keywords that describe your business, services, or brand to help improve search engine ranking. For example, if you’re based in Texas and want to be known for your unsurpassed quality, is an alternative option.

3. Be memorable

There are millions of registered domain names. Make yours catchy and memorable. It’s important to know your market, see what other similar businesses have chosen and customers are accustomed to.

4. Protect and build your online presence

Consider registering various domain name extensions such as .net or .tv, as well as alternative spellings of your domain name and redirect them to your main domain name. Users can often make mistakes when typing addresses, but with various domain extensions registered your site will still be found.

There are a whole host of domain names out there for you to choose from. To get started try the Name Suggestion Tool to see what suggestions will work best for your business.