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The Small Business Website Guide

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Developing your branding strategy: how to leverage your brand online

Leverage your branding strategies with Verisign's tips

Behind every successful business are good branding strategies. Think Coca-Cola, Nike, Starbucks or Vodafone. They are instantly recognisable on the high street or online, and more importantly you know exactly what they stand for, whether that’s good coffee or premium sportswear.   

Good branding is something that consumers buy into, and it’s especially important online – a place where you don’t have a physical presence and customers can’t experience your products. You have to use the design and content of your site to convey your business’s unique selling points (USPs).

The key aims of your branding strategy should be:

  • Enhance the awareness of the your business and its products/services
  • Create instantly recognisable assets (logo, colour scheme etc.) which are intrinsically linked to your business
  • Capture and convey your business’ aims and values
  • Create a trusted image that consumers can relate to

So how do I translate this into my online presence

About by business

An integral part of your brand is explaining what your business is all about so you should ensure you have an ‘About’ section on your page. Here you can explain your brand, your values and your history. It will allow site visitors to quickly and easily identify with your brand.

Ensure your site design is unique   

A basic website is a start but when you really want to start differentiating yourself from the competition you need to make your site unique. Whether that’s a different colour scheme or creative use of imagery, standing out from the crowd can really help build your brand.

Get a professionally designed logo 

They say a picture tells 1,000 words and it’s certainly true that a brand logo is usually the bit everyone remembers. All of the previously mentioned brands have unique logos that are instantly recognisable across the world in the absence of any words. While they will have paid thousands to marketing agencies to design their logos it doesn’t mean that a small business can’t also have a professional image.  Just a small investment can make a big difference.