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A Few Details on Domains

It is where every Internet story starts.
So let us start with a few basics.

Domain names are the way we organise, navigate and understand the Web. Without domain names, URLs would be a series of numbers, or IP addresses, that would be difficult to remember. However, a domain name gives us an address that is easier to remember. A domain name is key to doing just about anything on the Internet, from setting up a website to sending and receiving e-mail to building an online shop. Verisign enables companies -- big and small -- to increase their online visibility, expand their businesses into new markets and promote their brand, connecting more than 135.2 million .com and .net domain names and resolving more than 120 billion queries daily without fail. Discover below how a domain is essential to what we do online.

The Anatomy of a Domain Name

It may look like a single internet address, but there are a few important parts.
Let us start with what is known as the second-level domain.

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Second-level domain: This is the memorable part of the domain name that people, organisations or businesses register to represent their place on the Web.

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The process of registering and using a domain involves a number of important stakeholders. Knowing who those people are and what they do, helps you understand not only how the Internet works but also how to register and use a domain of your own.

So Let Us Meet the Participants.

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    What is a Domain Name What is Domain Name

Have you ever thought about what makes the Internet actually work? Well, here it is.

Query resolution. This Sounds complicated, doesn't it?
Well, it is a little bit. But not when you have a handy diagram to break it down for you.

Are you looking for a more technical explanation filled with industry jargon and DNS acronyms? CLICK HERE

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  • Step 1
    You type a Web address into your browser. (This generates a “DNS query.”)
  • Step 2
    Your query transmits to an authoritative name server that matches it up with the IP address and directs it to its destination. (This is what we call “resolution”.)
  • Step 3
    Your website resolves without you having to remember the IP address.

The right domain can build a brand, start a community or change the world.

Now that you know a little more about how domains work, let us look at what makes each Verisign-managed TLD unique and what could make it a great fit for you.

  • The Standard for Doing Business Online

    .com is the domain with a credible and trusted online identity. It provides instant recognition and is the key to helping your business thrive. Nothing says business like .com.

    Who is it Great For?

    The .com domain is for growing and established businesses. With a .com, your business will be easier to find and appear even more professional, helping ensure that you are in it for the long run.

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The Whole Story

The Internet has defined the way we think about the world. And now it is defining the way we think about our future. Verisign has helped to build, protect and advance the Internet at almost every stage of its development. And Verisign is a big part of some exciting things to come.


Get inspired about what your domain name could be, see if it is available and find a registrar to make it your own.