The Small Business Website Guide

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Expert tips: Setting up an online business with 1&1 eshops

At the Business Startup show 2014 in London "how small businesses can get online" was a hot topic. Through a series of engaging workshops Verisign, the company behind .com and web host 1&1 UK covered various aspects of establishing an online presence from the choice of the domain name to creating your website.

Businesses are looking for an all-in-one solution to sell products online and expand worldwide. Whatever industry you are in, 1&1 eShop packages offer all the key features for a setting up an online business. No technical skills are required, with everything prepared and easy to use – from design, to payment processing, to shipping options. Learn more about 1&1 eShops in this step-by-step demonstration, with an overview of how you can make money from your web presence and setting up an online shop.