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  • WeConnectStudents.com
  • Enterprisenation.com
  • NaturallyCoolKids.com
  • Toothpick.com
  • CliftonPrintServices.com


"As the website is so easily shared offline and online, it’s easier to gain new customers just from current customers talking with friends. It’s easier to say a website in reply to where you bought something, than try to give lengthy directions to a shop. And with mobile technology being eye-wateringly awesome now, it can take second from first hearing about our website to actually placing an order. With communication increasingly being facilitated via social media, it all makes for a seamless customer experience."

– Paul Charalambous, Company Director, FireStar Toys

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"As a tech company, our website is our whole business. Driving traffic and engagement to our site is very important for us. With a .com domain, our community is able to discover our site and access hundreds of employers keen to fill student vacancies. Because the website is so integral to us, we needed to get it right. We feel we have done that so far."

– Clive Banks, Chairman, We Connect Students

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Emma Jones is the founder of Enterprise Nation, the UK’s most active small business network, helping businesses to grow through social activities, events and by giving them a voice and influence in government. See why a .com was the right choice for her business.


See why a .com was a must have for Naturally Cool Kids, a natural skincare for children company, whose products have a big brand look. Establishing a .com domain provided the company with the opportunity for universal recognition without compromising its values in honest natural products and authenticity.


We decided to set up a .com website as we were launching the first website of its kind in the UK and, given that it’s human nature to be wary of that which we don’t know, we needed a domain that was globally recognised and instantly trusted. Our .com domain has been crucial in generating exposure for Toothpick.com - the results speak for themselves in terms of consumer awareness and engagement.

– Sandeep Senghera, founder, Toothpick.com

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"We decided to set up a .com domain website, as we felt most of our customers were likely to search the internet for printers, so it helped with our corporate awareness. We also wanted to create a corporate image and market awareness, as well as trying to compete with our competitors. Our .com domain has been crucial to the growth of the business, giving us visibility to larger corporate clients and allowing us to achieve our goal of increasing our client base and prominence within the market place."

– Sarah Gerardi, CEO, Clifton Print Services

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